Who We Are

Quaestor Federal Consulting, LLC specializes in Intelligence Community and Department of Defense (DoD) support. Our team is comprised of on-site and remote subject matter experts, technicians, and program managers with strong military and intelligence community experience. QUAESTOR’s specialty is the identification and¬†synchronization¬†of emerging technologies to create value for our customers. Our passion is providing cost-savings, quality, and stewardship while fostering increased operational efficiency and enhancing quality through material and non-material solution development and integration.


The word Quaestor means “the man who asks questions.” The name Quaestor comes from the Roman Empire. Quaestors were selected for their experience, knowledge, and ability to “Get Things Done!” They were elected officials for the military and civil services and acted as an aide to the Consuls. The Consuls were at the head of both the state and the army. Quaestors were vitally important to assist the Roman Empire in its success.To become a Quaestor, a person required a minimum of ten years experience in the Roman Legion and was at least 30 years of age. Quaestor’s were given the most difficult challenges and expected to deliver timely results. At Quaestor Federal Consulting, LLC, we apply the same expertise and operational knowledge while serving our customers.