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Quaestor Federal Consulting is excited to announce coverage of the Windshear II project in this month’s edition of Scientific American. Windshear is an intelligence focused, platform-agnostic mobile solution that places cloud-based functionality, including biometrics and analytics, in the hands of the individual warfighter at the tactical edge.  Quaestor has been a critical mission partner in the WSII project since its inception. As the project’s operational integrators we have managed the CONOPS-focused development process that ensured satsifaction of user needs and increased technical production by over 52% during 2012. Additionally, Team Quaestor managed the project’s successful participation in the joint and combined Empire Challenge Exercise in 2011 and numerous demonstrations to DOD and IC decision makers during during 2012 and 2013. These efforts in support of our customer and mission partners contributed to the Windshear II Project’s being named as the C4ISR Journal’s Top Innovation for 2012.


Quaestor has successfully managed development and integration of a variety of multi-agency initiatives; coordinating the efforts of multiple sub-contractors over wide geographical areas; and establishing technology-based processes for program coordination. Our proven Agile, CONOPS-based management approach, establishes accurate, end-user focused development objectives and provides consistent transparency to our customers, ensuring that the final product exceeds dynamic operational requirements.


As a Small Veteran Owned Business (SVOB), quaestor is dedicated to giving back to the community and honoring our military service members. Through our community involvement we recognize their exceptional service and honor the contributions they have made in making the world a better place.

Freedom Alliance and the Washington Redskins

December 24, 2011

QUAESTOR, Freedom Alliance, Team Xtreme, and the Washington Redskins honored disabled military service members during the pregame ceremony by performing a parachute jump into the stadium. QUAESTOR and Freedom Alliance also accepted donations during the game to raise money for the Freedom Alliance military recognition and scholarship funds.



Freedom Alliance and the Washington Redskins

December 11, 2011

QUAESTOR, Freedom Alliance, and the Washington Redskins recognized and honored our military service members and their families during the Redskins vs. Patriots game. The service members were honored during the pregame ceremony on the field



October 16 – 20, 2011

QUAESTOR was in attendance at GEOINT 2011: Forging Integrated Intelligence. GEOINT is the nation’s largest intelligence event of the year. QUAESTOR participants took part in a series of discussions and presentations that explored defense, intelligence, and homeland security issues.



Freedom Alliance and the Washington Redskins

August 15, 2011

QUAESTOR partnered with Freedom Alliance and the Washington Redskins during the Redskin training camp to honor recently wounded service members who are undergoing rehabilitation. The service members were invited to attend the practice, received a private tour of the team’s facilities, and were able to meet the players.


Freedom Alliance and the Washington Nationals

July 3 & 5, 2011

Collaborating with Freedom Alliance and the Washington Nationals, QUAESTOR was able to partake in an event for recently returned service members and their families. Many of the service members were injured during their service to our country, and were honored during the third inning as a “Tribute to the Troops.”


Integration of Commercial Smart Phone Technology

May 23 – June 3, 2011

QUAESTOR worked with mission partners to integrate commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) smart phone technology with battlefield networks, providing instant access to critical mission-related data during Empire Challenge 2011.